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My Today I blog expresses my daily accomplishments. Writing about one significant aspect about my day is self fulfilling and improves my state of mind. I format each post by beginning it with "Today I [Action Verb]..." By always having an action verb, I know that I have taken action at least once a day to do something project-based, hands-on, and productive.

Today I Walked...

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

my dog throughout the day. I was “dog mom” today while my mom was out and very busy. I love when I get to be the dog mom because I like to feel needed to take care of someone. Feeding her and walking her and loving her gives me a little taste of what motherhood will be like. I am no where near ready to have a child, but it is something I have always looked forward to. For now I am perfectly content tending to my dog to make sure she is happy, health, and safe.

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