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My Today I blog expresses my daily accomplishments. Writing about one significant aspect about my day is self fulfilling and improves my state of mind. I format each post by beginning it with "Today I [Action Verb]..." By always having an action verb, I know that I have taken action at least once a day to do something project-based, hands-on, and productive.

Today I Led...

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

a march to town hall to protest Santa Clarita's City Council. This is the only city in the Los Angeles County that refuses to accept today as Indigenous People's. But of course, we keep in mind that SCV city councilman, Bob Keller, calls himself a "proud racist." I do not expect much from my city, but I will make sure my voice is heard. I gathered together a large group of the local resilient youth with the same view on this issue. We chanted: "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Columbus Day has got to go" "Show me what diversity looks like-- This is what diversity looks like" "The racists say Get Back, we Say Fight Back" "Love not Hate, That's what makes America Great" and many more. After, we all enjoyed a cultural food potluck I organized in which we shared food with one another from all around the world.

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