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My Today I blog expresses my daily accomplishments. Writing about one significant aspect about my day is self fulfilling and improves my state of mind. I format each post by beginning it with "Today I [Action Verb]..." By always having an action verb, I know that I have taken action at least once a day to do something project-based, hands-on, and productive.

Today I Learned...

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

that thousands marched in Edinburgh for Scottish independence. A mass rally at Holyrood Park at the end of the march went ahead despite a ban from the body responsible for the park. Historic Environment Scotland said on Saturday its priority was to "facilitate the march safely". They had earlier said a rally could not be held as events of a "political nature" are not allowed. Gary J Kelly, of organizer All Under One Banner, said he believed around 100,000 took part in the march. It is the latest in a series of events across the country which have been organized by the political pressure group which campaigns for Scottish independence. Mr Kelly said the turnout proved there was desire for constitu

tional change. "The passion is there for definite at the end of the day," he said. "The people have spoken. The SNP asked us to speak, well the people have spoken. We've done it all year round." see full document here:

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