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My Today I blog expresses my daily accomplishments. Writing about one significant aspect about my day is self fulfilling and improves my state of mind. I format each post by beginning it with "Today I [Action Verb]..." By always having an action verb, I know that I have taken action at least once a day to do something project-based, hands-on, and productive.

Today I Accomplished...

a lot. After a day at school, I got ahead on all my homework for the week. I then enjoyed a challenging Hot Power Sculpt with Weights class at my yoga studio. It pushed me to my limits, but overall left me feeling amazing. I cane home to an email acknowledging that I have been admitted into Loyola Marymount Univeraity. So far I have gotten into the 2 schools I have heard back from. I am eager to see what is in store for me.

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